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Establishing a positive Club ethos


The most important aspect of our strategy to combat bullying is the creation of a positive and inclusive ethos in all our member clubs.


This begins with how adults in clubs treat each other, parents, and players: with respect and understanding, even in difficult situations.


Concerns expressed by players and parents are always listened to carefully and taken seriously.


We promote and follow the RFU Core Values  - TREDS


Everyone involved in rugby in England, whether as a player, coach, referee, administrator, parent or spectator is expected to uphold the Core Values of our sport:


Teamwork – Respect – Enjoyment – Discipline – Sportsmanship


  • Play to win – but not at all cost
  • Win with dignity, lose with grace
  • Observe the Laws and regulations of the game
  • Respect opponents, referees and all participants
  • Reject cheating, racism, violence and drugs
  • Value volunteers and paid officials alike
  • Enjoy the game

We aim to be constantly promoting and reinforcing positive behaviour and developing all children's self-esteem through celebration of achievement. In this way, by aiming to 'include' everyone in the rugby community, it is much less likely either those children will become a focus for bullying, or that others may resort to bullying


We encourage children, parents and club personnel to report any suspected instances of bullying to a member of the coaching staff or to the Club's Safeguarding Officer.



Managing Touchline Behaviour 


We do not tolerate poor touchline behaviour at any of our member clubs, it will be addressed at every level.


Spectators and coaches alike MUST NOT enter the field of play without the referees permission whilst a game of rugby is in progress unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Poor behaviour on the touchline is no more acceptable than poor behaviour on the pitch.