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All rugby coaches, coaching assistants, first aiders and team managers must


  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person with whom they work with and treat them equally within the context of rugby union
  • undertake an enhanced DBS clearance with the RFU if working in a regulated activity (involving unsupervised access to children)
  • place the physical and emotional well being of all young players above all other considerations, including the development of performance.
  • understand that the relationship that develops with the players with whom they work must be based on mutual trust and respect
  • ensure that all activities undertaken are appropriate to the age, maturity, experience and ability of the young players
  • encourage young players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance
  • be aware of good safeguarding practices so that any poor practices will be addressed immediately


 It is EVERYONE'S responsibility at a rugby club to report concerns.


Hampshire RFU is committed to working in partnership with parents/carers and statutory agencies in order to safeguard the young people at our clubs.





Please ensure that your club manages the changing facilities and arranges for them to be supervised by at least two adults (DBS checked) of the appropriate gender for the players using the facilities. Also ensure that all your club's coaches, parents, officials and spectators are aware that adults must not change at the same time, using the same facilities as children. Clear signage can really help with this:




We strongly recommend that club coaches DO NOT participate in communication with children on social networking sites or by personal or frequent text messaging. Contact with players should always be via (or copied to) their parent or carer.


All social network groups should be CLOSED and participation should be ADULTS ONLY or PLAYERS ONLY by invitation.


Player groups should be administered by a DBS cleared adult/s who is made known to all parents of participating players.


The administrator should only act in a monitoring capacity to ensure no inappropriate content or bullying and should not be participating in the conversations of the group.