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To all Hampshire Clubs


You will have seen the disappointing, yet inevitable news, that the 20/21 Adult (Men’s and Women’s) League programme is cancelled.  As Chair of the RFU Group charged with reviewing the impact of COVID on the Adult League programme and your representative on the RFU I wanted to provide you with more background to this difficult decision.


We had already restructured the fixture list into league clusters to give us a chance of playing, at least, an abbreviated league season and this would have been the preferred option for a post Xmas start.  However, with the impact of regional lockdowns, uncertainty around which Tier clubs will be, reluctance of players and clubs to travel significant distances it was agreed by the group that the integrity of a league competition pyramid with promotion and relegation would be compromised.


We have been planning with the Divisional Organising Committees, a number of options for a competitive programme, if we are allowed to play some variant of contact rugby.  This will involve local league clusters, with clubs allocated into local micro leagues, that broadly mirror the existing clusters at Levels 7 and below.  HRFU Comps committee will be fully involved in that process with the DOC and I’m sure will be open to creative and innovative ideas that get our clubs and players re-engaged at some point in the New Year.


Please be assured that we are doing everything possible with the DCMS/PHE/HMGovt to find a way through this impasse but with a further National Lockdown anticipated that is not an easy win as I’m sure you appreciate.


There are additional challenges for the Age Group game, and I would certainly appreciate your input so that I can represent your views and concerns at the RFU through the various virtual meetings I’m involved in.


I have RFU Comps meetings on Monday and Tuesday next week, where we hope to finalise some options from Levels 3 to 12 and also review the necessity and appropriateness of the Competitions regulations as drafted. 


Please feel free to e mail me or phone over the weekend.



Terry Burwell | RFU Council Member, Hampshire

Chair, RFU Adult Competitions Management Sub-Committee

T: 07710472824     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.