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As from 1-11-2020 Hampshire will no longer be in Area 2 within the RFU Sructure, we will then reside in Area B.



Area B will consist of  the following Constituent Bodies -

Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex.



Please click here for the New RFU Structure as from 1-11-2020.


With the publication of the RFU Community Game update on 6-10-2020 we now know that Gavin Williams, Ivan Torpey, Sharon Evans and Merlin Gape O'Donnell have left or will be leaving the RFU.


The Rugby Community of Hampshire are greatly concerned at the loss of such committed individuals and their expertise, and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them all


We have come to see them as friends and supporters of our efforts to progress the game in our county.


At this very challenging time we wish them all well for their futures and they know they will be welcome whenever they have a chance to visit any of our Hampshire clubs.


The remaining familiar figures have secured roles in the revised community game structure set out and we look forward to working with them either locally or nationally as appropriate.  Hampshire is included in Area B on the structure, along with 6 other Constituent Bodies - Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex.


The new structure starts on Nov 1st. This means that the new people working with us cannot help any of us till after that date. We can, however, congratulate Kieran Spencer on his role in our Area B as facilities executive.


Inevitably, decreased resources both human and financial are going to present us with a huge challenge in which the role of the local volunteer will be even more vital.


Hampshire RFU is ready to provide advice and support where possible and the increased use of technology, to which we have become accustomed during the pandemic, will enable a more frequent and dynamic dialogue to shape initiatives and cement support for all clubs in our rugby family.