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Distribution list: Tuesday 29 September

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update
We have launched a short survey to enable clubs to provide us with input regarding the broader financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on grassroots rugby.

We also remember Matt Ratana who gave tremendous service to the Metropolitan Police and to the game of rugby.

Please visit our dedicated web portal on the England Rugby website to access coronavirus information and updates here.

Past editions of these weekly updates can be found on this part of the website. Click here if you need to find a previous edition.
RFU Headlines
Survey issued regarding the financial impact of Covid-19
We’ve put out a call to action to clubs asking for input from either Chairs or Treasurers into a short survey by Sunday 4 October regarding the broader financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We appreciate the challenging times that clubs are operating under and the uncertainty that this brings. In considering how we may structure help and support, the survey findings will aid our understanding of the financial position facing clubs, given the huge pressure Covid-19 and the resulting restrictions is placing on the community game. The data will also inform us of the key financial challenges for clubs and enable us to provide an accurate picture during discussions with government over the impact of the pandemic on our grassroots game.

We ask a number of questions, including the financial implications to clubs if local sponsors and club supporters are not able to access international tickets this season due to matches being played behind closed doors/with significantly reduced capacities. This question will purely be analysed for the purposes of this survey and, to explain to government, the impact the return of fans to stadia has on our clubs more broadly. The information gathered via this survey will be used to paint a broader financial picture across the game, not to provide targeted support to clubs.

We continue work with government around bringing back a safe return to competitive match play.
Other important updates
Update on Covid-19 guidance and resources
We’ve recently received lots of updates and information regarding the impact of Covid-19 on our game. We have therefore taken the opportunity to clean up our website to ensure that all our Covid-19 guidance and resources are in one place. This is available through the link below.
Updated Resources
Update on the handling of Covid-19 positive tests
Following consultation with Public Health England, we have produced overview guidance which explains the actions required by a club following a positive Covid-19 test. There is also extended guidance available for clubs who have a confirmed Covid-19 test case.

We ask that clubs submit notification of all positives tests within a club, including retrospective cases. This information is requested to allow us to monitor the number of confirmed positive Covid-19 tests occurring in clubs and ensure clubs have the appropriate support. The notifications should be submitted via the Positive Test Notification Form link below.
Notification Form
Test & Trace
Clubs are reminded of the need to have a Test & Trace system in place.

The launch of the NHS/Government app now allows individuals to self-login at locations, however, clubs should consider the use of an additional system based specifically on the club, that allows them to track all visitors themselves. There are a number of systems now available and clubs should consider the benefits and which is the most appropriate system for them. One such system is been made available by Howdens, our insurance broker. They have partnered with Guest Visit to develop a bespoke system that allows clubs to easily record visitor information in a secure and securely managed way. You can find out more below.
Howdens Test and Trace
Local lockdown guidelines
Clubs are reminded that the powers around local restrictions lie with their local authorities.

We are advised that unless local restrictions specifically mention restrictions on team sports and/or rugby, clubs should follow the NGB guidelines. In all cases, clubs must conduct a risk assessment and ensure compliance with Covid-19 secure guidance.

Spectators, including parents, must abide by the Rule of Six, as defined by the government’s current advice on staying safe and social distancing, which you can read below.

This currently includes the following areas, however, clubs in each of the areas below need to be aware of the impact of any local restrictions applicable to their individual area. More information regarding the impact on each area is available in a detailed schedule via the link below.

Greater Manchester
North East of England
North West of England
West Midlands
West Yorkshire

Clubs may need to limit their activities in line with any local restrictions and all are advised to consult with the local authority in which their facilities are located should they be in any doubt. Information regarding any new local lockdown restrictions will be posted on the government's website below.

We will provide an update to the game if there is any change in guidance to playing rugby union. You can read more information on the Government local lockdown updates.
Rule of Six
Local Restrictions
Community rugby - current status
With the exception of clubs impacted by local lockdown restrictions, we continue at Stage D on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap, which you can see below. RFU guidance as well as Government Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guidelines must be followed.
Webinars and podcasts
Good Club Governance Webinar | Thursday 1 October at 7pm
The next webinar in the Club Support legal series with Irwin Mitchell will cover good club governance. During this event we will discuss what good governance looks like, as well as providing top tips for your club - you can register below.
Governance Webinar
On Demand Webinar: Preparing & planning your pitches for Spring 2021
Usage, budgeting & scope of works through Covid - 19

This webinar talks through what the potential implications are on your pitch maintenance programme as we move through the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap. It looks at how you manage your pitches, how to develop a pitch usage policy and shares examples from an RFU Pitch advisor and other club grounds teams.
Register Today
Other news
National Parent in Sports Week (5-11 October)
National Parents and Sports Week kicks off on Monday 5 October. This year’s theme is ‘Let’s talk about keeping children safe in sport’.

This year, the campaign is trying to reach as many parents as possible with information and advice, with the hope that it can open up a dialogue with coaches, clubs and children about how everyone can contribute to safeguarding in sport.

As part of the campaign, sports parents will be asked to make the Sports Parents Promise, which you can read about below. The Promise outlines what makes a great sports parent and will give parents an understanding of how their contribution to their child’s sport helps to make it a safer place.

There are some great materials available for clubs to use with their members provided by the Child Protection in Sport Unit of the NSPCC (CPSU). Find out more on through the link below.
Find Out More
Sports Parents Promise
Rugby community doing great things
Today we remember Matt Ratana who gave tremendous service to the Metropolitan Police and to the game of rugby, which he loved. Matt was remembered at his own club, East Grinstead, where he was Head Coach, and other rugby clubs across the country. You can read his story below.

We’ve also highlighted some of the great activities that have taken place to support local communities. This includes the members of Barnet Elizabethans RFC who organised a cycling event to raise funds for Noah's Ark Hospice and Parkinson UK, and the teams from Old Northamptonian RFC who have raised over £6,500 through a coast-to-coast bike ride. In addition, there is news about Crawley RFC’s comedy event and Sidmouth RFC’s return to rugby. As Yorkshire Rugby celebrate their 150th anniversary, we’ve also highlighted some of the coaches who recently took part in the Three Peak Challenge to support Bumble Bee Barbarians, England’s original mixed ability rugby club. Click on the clubs' names below to read more.

Barnet Elizabethans and Old Northamptonians
Yorkshire 150th anniversary

In addition to clubs helping their communities, we are now highlighting on englandrugby.com: clubs’ self-help initiatives, as well as activities to improve diversity and inclusion at clubs. 

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK are proud supporters of the rugby volunteers across England who make up an integral part of the game. Help us recognise your work by sharing your club and individual stories and videos withThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click below to find out more about the Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer Recognition Programme.
Matt Ratana
Recognition Programme