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GOVERNANCE: Good Club Governance


Good club governance often comes up as an area where rugby leaders ask for more guidance - with clubs effectively on a shut down from on field activity for the next month, now might be a good time to visit and check/challenge your club governance.


 There is no drive or expectation around this but if you are struggling to fill the time with no rugby then the RFU have a number of resources available to help you implement good governance at your club.


  1. The Club Management Reference Guide is a good place to start in terms of support and reference
  2. The Good Club Governance health check is also good online tool to review the governance at your club. See health checks and support resources at https://www.englandrugby.com/participation/running-your-club/governance-health-check

 In addition the below links and help resources may be of use to help you implement good governance at your club:


 RFU Regulations: - https://www.englandrugby.com/governance/rules-and-regulations/regulations


 Legal & Tax Helpline:

The RFU has arranged helplines for clubs to obtain free advice on any legal or tax related matter, as well as online support for the creation of standard contracts and legal documents.

  • Legal & Tax Helpline: 0330 303 1877
  • Alcohol & Licenses Helpline: 0115 934 9177


Online Legal Document service

RFU clubs are provided with online support for the creation of legal documents. This service allows clubs to draft your own legal documents instantly, simply by answering a series of easy-to-answer questions. 

Many documents are available free of charge, and include such things as:

  • Employment agreement
  • Website privacy policy
  • Health and safety policy creator
  • Debt collection letters


Access online documents. Clubs will need to register by entering the RFU clubs' voucher code - ARAG751BIZ.


 Incorporation & Constitutions: https://www.englandrugby.com/participation/running-your-club/legal-and-administration/incorporation


 Constitution Checklist: https://www.englandrugby.com//dxdam/81/817b4ebc-7f8a-4a6f-a3f2-6472b5616fd8/ConstitutionChecklist.pdf