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Community Game Update - November


1. Adult Male Competition Structure Group
2. RFU Regulation 10 – Cross Border matches with Scottish and Welsh clubs
3. Gift Aid opportunities for RFU CASCs and charities
4. XRugby – contact rugby, but not as you know it!
5. England Rugby Club Hub
6. Rainbow Laces
7. November Teams of the Month
8. Legal and tax helpline
9. Upcoming England & Twickenham fixtures

Please find the November 2019 edition of the Community Game Update. We hope you find the update useful, and if you have any feedback, queries or content that you would like to feature, please email Vee Montebello, RFU Senior Communications Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Our communications to you are based on the data that is held in the Game Management System (GMS). To ensure you receive the communications that you want to from the RFU, please check the information held on this system is up to date and active. In addition, if you know of a colleague who should be receiving these updates, but isn’t, please help them to check their details on GMS.

This communication is only sent to the roles highlighted in the distribution list above. If you would like to share this with other individuals, please click below.




Adult Male Competition Structure Group

We are writing to you to offer an opportunity to help shape the future of the Adult Male game. We are putting together a series of ‘listening panels’ to discuss the structure of the Adult Male competitions at Level 3 and below. This will include areas such as length of season, number of games played and how best to utilise knockout or cup rugby. We are looking for contributions from a range of people involved in the game from players, to committee members and club administrators. Each panel will have around 20 people involved to keep to manageable numbers, and is an opportunity for you to put forward your ideas to England Rugby about the sport that you are involved.

The dates and venues for these listening panels are below:

25th November – Blaydon
25th November – Old Albanians
27th November – West Park Leeds
27th November – Tunbridge Wells
2nd December – Peterborough
2nd December – Bridgewater & Albion
4th December – Silhillians
4th December - Havant
Please see the below link to sign up. Please be aware that filling in the form does not guarantee attendance at one of the listening panels and we will select at random to ensure a good spread of role / location / level.

For those not chosen to attend the listening panels, or who are unable to attend the scheduled panels, please feel free to send your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please also find this document to further background on the work of the Adult Male Competition Structure Group.

If you have any queries regarding either the listening panels or the group then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



RFU Regulation 10 - Cross Border matches with Scottish and Welsh clubs

RFU Regulation 10 deals with tours, which invariably involve overnight stays and activities other than rugby, and cross border matches, predominantly against Scottish and Welsh clubs where the travel and match can be completed in less than a day. For tours, clubs have to apply well in advance to their CBs for approval providing significant detail of the activities. However, cross border matches are often arranged at late notice. Therefore, the regulation allows CBs to give advance approval at the beginning of the season to its clubs to play such matches without at that stage having any detail of the games (opponents, venue, and whether age grade or adult teams).

The RFU regulation derives from a World Rugby regulation that requires a full record of such matches is maintained by the Union / CB when permission is given, and that World Rugby can request those details. Therefore, to comply with the World Rugby regulation, when clubs play such fixtures, and have advance approval from their CB, they will now need to send to their CBs at the end of the season a list of such matches with the following information:

• RFU Club
• Date of Match
• Venue (Home or Away)
• Name of Club and which Union it is from (invariably it will be a Scottish (SRU) or Welsh (WRU) club
• Details of teams involved (1st XV men, 2nd XV Women, U16s boys etc)
• Result

CBs are to maintain a list of these matches and should remind their clubs at the end of the season of the need to provide this information. It applies for this season onward.

This is most likely to affect clubs in CBs adjacent to Scotland and Wales, but the RFU Regulation 10 will be amended to reflect this requirement alongside other regulation amendments that are published on 1st August each year.



Gift Aid opportunities for RFU CASCs and charities

Clubs registered with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as Community Amateur Sports Clubs (see here for link to RFU CASC section) or charities can benefit from significant cash rebates under gift aid. HMRC will pay the club an extra 25p for every £1 donated by individual taxpayers where there are no, or only small, benefits given in return. The many opportunities for using gift aid include a Patron's scheme which can generate an extra 25% on individual donations for improving facilities such as building a new clubhouse.

Members, friends and supporters can be invited to make donations and be recognised as Patrons of The X RFC Building Fund. The Patron gets nothing of significant value in return but has an acknowledgement of the donation, say, by having his or her name inscribed as a Patron on a board displayed in the clubhouse. Gift aid has been used to get tax rebates of as much as £50,000 towards funding building projects. The RFU can provide a referral to an expert for advice on CASCs.

If your club is looking for help and advice on CASCs, whether you are considering registering or looking to make better use of available tax advantages like gift aid, please contact Dave Stubley - Club Management and Volunteer Manager for a telephone referral This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07736722387.



XRugby – contact rugby, but not as you know it!

Looking for a new way to play rugby and engage a new audience? With more passes, offloads and tries scored, XRugby offers an alternative, fast-paced form of contact rugby.

Played on half a standard pitch, with up to seven players, the format is low on commitment and can be played anywhere. It’s great for bringing women into the game, as well as providing flexibility for lapsed players who cannot commit to playing at weekend.

So why not host a XRugby taster session at your club this winter? We have plenty of support on offer for clubs signing up.

To find out more about the format or to register your interest you can reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



England Rugby Club Hub

We are pleased to provide a list of our latest updates to the England Rugby Club Hub. We’ve been working with our suppliers and partners to offer some interesting new products which can add value to clubs’ and players’ experience and hopefully help with budget. You can find more information here.

To access the Club Hub, please click below. Please find the FAQs sheet below, while any specific questions can be answered by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Rainbow Laces

Rugby is an inclusive game that can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality or background. To highlight the importance of being inclusive, we will be supporting this year’s Rainbow Laces campaign where the call to action will be ‘play your part’. This is a chance for all sports to celebrate, educate and inspire action and make sport everyone’s game.

Key dates to be aware of:

22 November - the campaign launches
23 November - Rainbow Laces will be worn at the Quilter International – England Women v Italy Women game taking place in Bedford
27 November – Rainbow Laces Day

Click below for more information if your club wants to support this campaign:



November Teams of the Month

We’ve released the second edition of Teams of the Month. Click below to find out more.

This monthly update is driven from data coming from Electronic Match Cards (EMC) into the Match Centre. From the results received from across every level of the game through EMC, we are now able to highlight the outstanding performance of teams on a monthly basis.

We are keen to get more teams involved, particularly from levels 5 and below, to obtain more player data and deliver statistics for a wider range of clubs.

To get your club and teams included in the tables, simply submit your match day information on the Match Events tab of your Electronic Match Card.



Legal and tax helpline

The RFU has arranged helplines for clubs to obtain free advice on any legal or tax related matter, as well as online support for the creation of standard contracts and legal documents.

Legal & Tax Helpline: 0330 303 1877



Upcoming England & Twickenham fixtures

16 – Quilter Internationals 2019 - England Women v France Women (Sandy Park, Exeter) (1.10pm)
16 – Killik Cup 2019 - Barbarians v Fiji (Twickenham Stadium) (2.30pm)
23 – Quilter Internationals 2019 - England Women v Italy Women (Goldington Road, Bedford Blues) (3pm)

10 – Community Game Update distributed to clubs and CBs
12 - Varsity Match – Oxford v Cambridge
Women's match (11:30am)
Men's match (3pm)

If you are interested in attending any of the Red Roses’ Quilter Internationals, the Killik Cup or the Varsity match, please click below to purchase.