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These are Draft Copies still being approved by the RFU


Below is the accompanying RFU note


Dear All


A belated thanks for the excellent sessions with you at Leamington and Eastleigh a couple of weeks ago. It was really useful to hear from the clubs and coaches in Warwickshire and Hampshire who attended, where we need to look to focus our attention to support your great work with the New Rules of Play. The lively conversation is hugely constructive in shaping things moving forwards.


We are now through our period of limbo after Gary Townsend's departure to pastures new. Adam Cottingham started the new role of Kids First Development Manager this week and is ready to inject some momentum back into the whole of Kids First including the New Rules of Play. We owe it to you, to Gary and to the RFU team involved to build on the firm foundations and principles you have put in place for the future of the game for children. Adam is in fact-finding mode and will be out and about in the coming weeks so please introduce yourself.


Progress recently has been slower than desired and anticipated. Some of you have understandably and rightly voiced your frustrations. You may feel our recent meetings and the wealth of feedback from you and your counties through the last few weeks/off-season has been a waste of time. I assure you it has not. In fact, it is my objective by mid-November to have a buy-in, understanding and commitment across a much wider cross-section of people and RFU decision-makers at strategic level in relation to the great leap of faith you have been taking on behalf of the game.


This is why there has been a delay in coming back on the rule clarifications. By putting this through the RFU Governance system, a speedier rollout and some of the game-wide consistency ideas we discussed at the two meetings become much more achievable than if we are perceived to be operating outside the process. We will update you in 10 days' time on this, as we will have completed the first element of this related to sign-off of the Rule amendments.


In the meantime, please see attached the Under 12 and Under 13 draft rules for you to play to. Apologies for the delay on these coming through due to the above-explained processes. They have been amended, clarified and tidied up based on the constructive feedback from you. As you can see they are marked draft; please replace any previous copies with these. The final versions will follow to you direct and be uploaded onto englandrugby.com as soon as the amendments are signed off.


Adam is also getting to work specifically on our next phase of support for the New Rules pilot counties. Your continued insight and sharing of your experiences with New Rules are vital for us. We want to pick up on this between now and Christmas so please watch this space as we work with the Hampshire and Warwickshire New Rules "champions" and local RFU staff to construct a support/engagement programme for you. It is easy to say we value your contribution; we need to demonstrate it as well.


The RFU appreciate massively all you continue to commit to the New Rules. The time that you volunteer to the project is excellent and without it we would not have the "game-changer" this will soon become. We now have more time and resource to support you and your players and you will start to see this over the coming months.


In the meantime, I hope that your numbers are up and you, your players and supporters have already experienced loads of fun on the pitch, on the touchline, in the clubhouse and on the road this season.


Keep trailblazing!




Mark Saltmarsh | Head of Education Development | Rugby Football Union | Rugby House | Twickenham Stadium | 200 Whitton Road | Twickenham | TW2 7BA | Tel: +44 20 8831 7658 +44 7740 565 061 |Fax: | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.rfu.com




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