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Age Grade (up to U18s) Return To Rugby Guidance - March 2021


  • New GREEN RTR roadmap – stages laid out in the image below. Full Community game update - https://www.hampshirerugby.co.uk/news/current/2831-community-game-update-return-to-play.html
  • 29-3-2021 INTER matches can happen BUT its up to each individual club to make a value judgement on what they wish to partake in. INTER matches are not compulsory. Clubs can communicate with each other and create their own friendly fixtures, we will not be prescriptive. Clubs need to regain their confidence in running Age Grade rugby in a safe way. Matches from 29th March are Ready for Rugby and then the step to adapted contact rules will follow (hopefully) on 26th April.
  • Rugby Clubs must be a Covid safe area and this message must be relayed to players, parents and all volunteers.
  • Age Grade season will complete on 31st May 2021 but Age Grade activity can continue throughout the Summer just for this season – awaiting full guidance from the RFU. All activity must be child centred, focused and Covid safe. Contact matches will not be allowed in this extended Summer period but contact training will be permitted. Current guide to Age Grade Out of Season activities - https://www.englandrugby.com/dxdam/51/51d782e8-7117-4b85-a869-aaaf843fe62c/Age%20Grade%20Out%20Of%20Season%20Activities%20Guide.pdf
  • All clubs must had a Covid officer and be Covid safe – good practice.
  • 17 year olds permission to play adult rugby has been delayed / suspended till 1-1-2022.
  • Every age group will play current 2020-21 rules till 31-12-21, and then move up an age group on 1-1-2022 to ensure a safe progression of skills, this is different for U13-U18 girls, awaiting guidance from the RFU.
  • The above restrictions will be consistent across Clubs, Schools and Colleges. Schools and Colleges return on 8-3-21 but can only play INTRA rugby till 29-3-21.
  • Guidance on Festivals, Tournaments, Camps and Tours will follow soon from the RFU
  • Off field guidance (showers, changing rooms, clubhouse facilities etc) will follow soon from the RFU once they get government guidance. Do not expect bars to open indoors till at least 17th May.
  • We are optimistic for a normal 2021-22 season.
  • Guidance for Coaches – webinars and downloadable PDFs will be available.
  • Promote Activate – for U15 and above - https://www.englandrugby.com/participation/coaching/activate
  • Courses - there will be some eLearning player welfare courses . Kids first courses – new dates are being arranged. Indoor face to face courses Safeguarding and 1st Aid will restart from 17-5-21. A CPD between L2 and L3 is being planned , comms will be out later.