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HRFU Volunteering

Volunteering is the life blood of the Amateur Game and the County aim to introduce programmes to help raise the profile of our game and in doing so provide a steady flow of Volunteer talent, at all ages and all genders that will continue and grow the good works that the County performs in providing a rugby union environment in Hampshire.

We will focus on the following work strands in the coming seasons:

• Design and deliver a quality Volunteer recognition programme for Club and County Volunteers.

• Develop and deliver a focussed and prolonged Volunteer recruitment programme to recruit new County Volunteers providing a Vice Chairperson for every County Committee.

• Promote the 'Hampshire Way' brand in such a way that it will help open up access to business areas that we do not currently have access to.

The County aim is to develop each of these three strands so that our County and our Clubs have the best skills and practices that deliver a quality rugby experience whether training or playing.

Volunteer Poster to download